University of Connecticut
    Name: Shanique Sewer
    Grade: 6th Grade
    Subject(s): Mathematics
    Educational Background
    University of Connecticut
    • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics
    Grand Canyon University
    • Master's Degree in Education
    • Master's Degree in Special Education
    "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."
    - Og Mandino 
    As a new school year , I am excited about all the learning that will be occurring. This
    year, students will continue having the opportunity to see and explore the connection
    between math, art and other content areas. Various resources will be utilize throughtout
    this school year to assist student learning.  Once accounts for Tenmarks, Study Island,
    etc., are created, each student will receive his/her log-in information for resources such
    as Get More Math,  Study Island, Illustrative Math, etc., along with details for parents
    to create their own account to monitor student progress from home. 
    The grading policy for this school year will consist of the following:
    • Tests / Projects - 35%
    • Quiz - 30%
    • Classwork - 25%
    • Homework - 10%
    A 10-point scale, shown below will be utilized throughout the year as well:
    • A: 90-100 
    • B: 80 - 89
    • C: 70 - 79
    • D: 60 - 69
    • F: below 60


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