Mr. Gerard Perreault

Phone: 910-289-3667 (School)


Degrees and Certifications:

Virginia Commonwealth University: Bachelor's Degree in Music Education Fresno State University: Supplemental Authorization in Mathematics

Mr. Gerard Perreault

Welcome All Music Students!


Thank you for visiting! 
I am Gerry Perreault, RHM Band, Percussion, Drumline and General Music Teacher.

 Welcome to the new School Year of 2020 - 2021...!!  We will face challenges as we move through the days and weeks ahead

but as a unified team we shall make this a great year for music and learning.  Please check the appropriate Canvas Learning 

Management System every day to stay up on what is expected for Music Lessons and your Quarter Grade.

Assignments will be paced as to not overwhelm the Music and Band students. Take each Assignment one at a time and do 

your best...!!



Fun Music Activity:

As you listen to your favorite Musical Groups and favorite Songs, please make a list and send to my Email.  I would be interested in knowing what all of my students musical interests are these days...!!


All Drummers and Percussionists:

Please use the following list of Warm Up Techniques for your 4th Quarter skills development:

1.   16, 8, 4, 2, 1.

2.   Single Stroke Roll

3.   Double Stroke Roll

4.   Buzz Roll

5.   Flams

6.   Ruffs

7.   Single Paradiddle

8.   5 Stroke Roll


Please practice from slow, to medium, to fast.

Remember to stay relaxed and play all exercises in a musical fashion...!!


All Woodwind and Brass Players: 

1.  Practice mouthpiece buizzing for 3 to 5 minutes.

2.  Play Long Tones on your instrument using 1st note.

3.  Play MS 5,  ( major scale 5 )

4.  Play MS 8,  ( major scale 8 )

5.  Play Rhythm Intro 1 from examples #1 through #10

6.  Play songs from our RHM Band Song List.

7.  Sing some notes with your voice,  then try to play the same notes on your instrument.