• Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Duplin Early College High School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal development of all students through collaboration with parents, teachers, and the community. 

    About Counseling Services:

    Often, parents don’t know what counseling services are available to their students or what exactly a school counselor does.  My primary responsibility is to be a part of the educational team in order to help students’ achieve their educational goals, but many times, personal and social issues are barriers to those goals.  I work with students in individual and group settings to address academic, social and personal needs so that they can be the very best student and person they can be. 

     In addition, I work with our college liaison to serve as a resource to students and parents in preparing for life after high school whether that is college, work or the military. 

     If you would like to make an appointment to sit down with me and your child to talk about college, financial aid, choosing a major, etc., please call me at 296-1136.    

    About Confidentiality: 

    As a counselor, I am bound to protect my clients’ right to confidentiality, but I must balance that with parents’ rights to protect their minor children.  Counselors typically keep what your child says in confidence with the following exceptions:

    1.   Student is a danger to him/herself

     2.  Student is a danger or threat to others

     3.  Student is a witness to or is a victim of child abuse or neglect.  

     Rest assured, your child’s safety comes first and you will be notified in any of the above cases.



Last Modified on June 7, 2016