• Car Riders

    All car riders must remain in cars until a staff member performs the screening process. Walk-up is not allowed. Procedures are as follows:

    • The building will open at 7:30 AM for students. Do not drop students off before 7:30.

    • All parents enter from Firehouse Road from HWY 41 (not HWY 50) both morning and afternoon.

    • All cars are in a single file line in front of the school next to the curb.

    • A staff member will ask three screening questions and take the student’s temperature using an infrared thermometer. 

    • If a student is symptomatic, the child may not attend school and must be contacted by the nurse before returning. Asymptomatic passengers in the same car may attend school. 

    • If exposed to a diagnosed positive case, no child can enter. Nurse will contact

    • If well - students walk directly to class through the front lobby or the middle lobby.

    • Staff members and teachers will be available at the front door and in the lobby to guide students to the correct locations.

    • There will be 5-6 staff members lined up on the walkway to do screenings.  

    • Students in grades K-3 will enter through the front door by the main office.  

    • Students in grades 4-8 will enter through the middle door by Mrs. Hargrove’s office.

    • Once they enter the building they will use hand sanitizer and report directly to class. 

    • In order to minimize exposure for all students, parents will not accompany students to their classrooms. 



    • School visitors are discouraged during this time. 

    • Discussions that can occur over the phone should be held that way. However, appointments can be scheduled through the main office or held outside. 

    • Face masks must be worn, and appointments will be time bound. 

    • Visitors must report straight to the office to request to be buzzed in.  If allowed inside, they must check in, have temperature taken, and respond to symptom checks. 


    We will not be able to:

    • Deliver food for forgotten lunchboxes

    • Deliver work to students (drop bin for paper will be available)

    • Deliver food from outside vendors