• 7th Grade: Nolan Wiggins is a model student, He continuously strives to be the best he can be in class. He participates in all classroom and group activities and is eager to help other students that need assistance . Nolan displays leadership by taking the lead on group lessons and ensures that the team turns in work on time. 


    8th Grade: Jaylen Rouse....Jaylen does his best each day in class. Jaylen also is on the Middle School Football team. He works hard and tries to maintain a positive attitude. For working hard and doing his best, Jaylen needs to be recognized.   


    9th Grade: Julio Gomez is a very respectful, hardworking student.  Julio gives his best at all times.


    10th Grade: Brandon Prudencio - has been a leader in the classroom and has worked hard on his assignments.  Not only is he excelling in my classroom, but he is doing it while participating as a great team member on boy's varsity Soccer.  He always has a smile on his face and is prepared to do whatever is asked of him.  Brandon shows humility to his classmates, exhibits qualities of a leader, and wants to excel.


    11th Grade: Whitley Butler goes above and beyond her required assignments. She completes extracurricular activities to a higher level that exceeds expectations.


    Staff Member: Mr. Ross.  He has done a great job with the soccer team and has really inspired the players.