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    Our goal at James Kenan High School is to maximize students' potential through a comprehensive school counseling program. We address students' academic, personal, social, and career needs. We advocate for our students to ensure a positive high school experience and the obtainment of a high school diploma. Counselors work to collaborate with stakeholders (including legal guardians, school staff, and community members) to foster responsible decision-making, to encourage lifelong learning, and to cultivate respect for individuals and self.


    During this COVID-19 crisis, please reach out to any one of the individuals listed at the bottom of our homepage if you need services for you or your family members. We are here to offer whatever support we can to our JK community during this challenging time.  All of us check email regularly and will repsond to your email promptly.  Please remember to stay home and stay safe!




    URGENT!  Registation for 2020-2021 classes needs to be submitted as soon as possible!  Google forms were sent to all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students--please check your student email and submit your registration forms!  Counselors need these forms to enroll you in the elective classes of your choice.  Please remind your friends to check their email accounts!


    Information about JSCC summer classes will be coming soon!  Please check back here for updates about registration and class schedules.  Summer classes are still scheduled to begin May 18th; please email Mrs. Lee if you would like to take summer classes at JSCC.


    SENIORS: Information about scholarships and deadlines can be found on the main JKHS homepage under the announcements section on the left-hand side.  Please check there for important deadlines and postings about new scholarships for JKHS seniors.  You can also find information about all DCS scholarships on the DCS County webpage (on the left-side navigation, it's titled "Scholarship Information Database".)


    At this time, all Driver's Eligibility Certificates are on hold.  All school buildings, including District Offices, are closed.  Once we have further information about Driver's Eligibilty, we will post information here.   Thank you for your continued support.


    JKHS Guidance Department

    Renee McCoy, Counselor 9th - 10th grade/504 Coordinator


    Kristen Lee, Counselor 11th - 12th grade


    Lynn Oakes, Guidance Assistant


    Jasmine Kamiab, College and Scholarship Advisor


    Alison Raynor, School Social Worker


    Lindsey Reaves, School Nurse


    Alicia Baltazar, Data Manager


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