• Welcome to Biology, you are about to begin a quest of a lifetime.  We will study Biology for its complexity as well as its beauty.  You will learn to relate the course material to the world around you.  By the end of the year, you will have gained essential knowledge for life and any Biological Science course you may take in the future. 



    Here are a few suggestions for being successful in this course:

    • Positive/Growth Mindset
    • Stay organized. (3 ring binder required for course)
    • Keep up with assignments, readings, and materials. ( Please don't wait to the last minute to complete assignments, you will not be successful I promise you). 
    • Ask for help when needed.
    • Attend Virtual seminars weekly (online or call in)** see Syllabus for more information****


     I am here as a resource to help empower you to be an agent in your learning.  Please take the INITIATIVE daily to

    study your notes and materials; please seek out any help you may need for your Biology success. 


     I will do my part as the teacher.  

    Students: you must do your part as a student.  

    Parents/Guardians: Please do your part as a Parent/Guardian.  

    Together we can help our students become better citizens, gain knowledge, and be prepared for the future.  


    I am your biggest ally in this course. Please, don't hesitate to ask questions or see me for extra help. 


    (910) 285-7501



Last Modified on January 25, 2022