My name is Deborah Rose.
    To reach me email me at drose@duplinschools.net
    I teach sixth grade language arts and social studies at North Duplin Elementary.
      Welcome, my name is Debbie Rose. I received my BS degree in Elem. Ed K-6 from Barton College and my Masters in Elem Ed. from UNCW. I am a National Board Certified teacher.  My classroom revolves around the ideals of differentiated instruction and hands on learning where students have opportunity to pose questions and explore possible solutions. I use thematic units and learning centers which makes for easy integration of subject matter across the curriculum while at the same providing students with the opportunity to approach learning from different perspectives.
      I integrate various genres of literature to enhance the study of the disciplines of geography by using the themes of location, place, movement, human-environment interaction and region to understand the emergence, expansion and decline of civilizations and societies from the beginning of human existence to the Age of Exploration.
    Egypt is our global focus in sixth grade. Throughout the year, we are involved in many research projects to learn some very interesting and amazing facts about pharaohs and dynasties, pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphics. Come visit us during our Multicultural Fair in April and see some of our work on display, have a conversation with Cleopatra and interview a mummy. We highly expect that you will learn somethings you never knew before.
       Parents, please, please, please, set aside a quality time each night for reading with your child. Not only does it promote the development of reading skills necessary for comprehension, but it also aids in the development of creative thinking, problem solving skills and the development of verbal communication skills. Plus, it is a great way to share a special time with your child. So set aside time each night with your child and read, read, read! The more you read, the smarter you become.
    To love what you do and feel that it matters: how could anything be more fun?
    Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. William Butler Yeats
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