• Rebel Boosters
    We are extremely fortunate to have dedicated individuals who are giving of their time and resources.  These volunteers that serve in the Booster's Club and the Advisory Board of North Duplin are vitally important and enable us to continue to provide quality programs and opportunities for our students on and off the athletic field.

    Since its inception, the Booster Club has been committed to the ideal that our students never participate in door-to-door or off-campus fundraising activities.  The financial assistance you provide is vital to this mission.

    Join our Booster Club!  You receive free gate admission to all school programs.  Examples include middle school and high school athletics ( excluding post season athletic events), band and choir concerts, the annual talent show, school sponsored dances, and more!  This amounts to significant savings!

    ALL middle and high school students at North Duplin benefit from the generosity of the Booster Club.  
Last Modified on August 21, 2020