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    GREETINGS FROM HOME ALL!! I hope that everyone is staying HOME and staying SAFE!

    See here for "learning opportunities" & will be updated weekly.

    If you have questions, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME!! 

    1. Please complete reading your novels that you have with you (Where the Red Fern Grows, Wonder, or Forged by Fire)

    2. Email me a summary of the book & PLEASE PLEASE return your book to school

    3. Go to www.commonlit.org & look for reading articles I have put in your 'assignment' folder

     As I stated in an email that I sent to students on Tuesday, March 24th, thoughts and prayers go out to each of you!! Miss you all.                                    

    7th grade English Language Arts
                    What are you reading? Writing? Drawing? Doodling? Creating?
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