Ms. Patricia Matthews 
    Subject(s): EC English/Language Arts, EC Mathematics, EC Science, EC Social Studies

    Biography:   James Kenan High School, 1984
              Winston-Salem State University, 1989 
              Mount Olive College, BS Mangement & Organizational Development,1999
              Fayetteville State University, Special Education certification,1999
              American Intercontinental University, MA Educational Technology, 2003
              University of Phoenix, MA Curriculum & Instruction,2008
              Campbell University,  AIG certification, 2013
              Duplin County College of Theology, Bachelor in Theology, 2014 
              North Carolina Theological Seminary, Masters 1 certificate, 2015 


    Hello! I am an Intensive Needs teacher in grades 7-12 with students who strive to show SWAG (Success,  Willpower, Attitude, and Goals).  I have worked in education for 18 years.  I love my students and expect nothing but excellence from them.  My passion for Special Education stemmed from retired Duplin County EC teachers who loved teaching.  I am a member of Mount Zion Holy Church, Warsaw.  I have one daughter and four active grandchildren.  My favorite color is red but I love all colors.  Shopping online is my favorite place to escape and relax.  I crave chocolate, cakes, and chips.  
    My office hours are 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday.  Please note that I am here remotely to help you because I love you.  Students have the option to attend class face to face during the week.  Start you remote coursework August 17, 2020.  Login to NCEDCLOUD and go to the CANVAS courses.
    The attached website is helpful for students with disabilities.  It is shown best in the Google Chrome browser -   
    I want you to be healthy and safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.  I miss you but most of all I love you and want you to be safe.  Follow the link to learn more about being safe during Covid-19.

    Know Your Ws: Wear, Wait, Wash


    .                                    Everyday is a learning experience.  My best practice comes from my students, family, friends, and colleagues.  
    MOC WSSU WCC AIU Online UOP Online  DCCT
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