• digital learning
    Name: Sheila Young/Teacher at North Duplin Jr. Sr. High School
    Subject(s): Honors English I & II, English I & English II
    School Phone Number: 919-658-3051
    To access my course, students should log into Canvas in NCEdCloud
    *Graduate of University of Mount Olive with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Minor in Organizational Development (GPA 3.70)
    *Extended education: Teaching License from East Carolina University (GPA 4.0)
    *20 years experience in journalism.
    *10 years teaching high school English
    Welcome to the digital age! As we embark in unchartered waters, I want your ride to be smooth sailing! Join me as we read some books and short stories that will send waves of interest as we look forward to a better horizon! 
    We will be working on Canvas this year.
    Please check your email and Canvas every school day!
    When you are able to read it, you are able to achieve it!
    Writing does not just happen; it is a process! 
Last Modified on August 21, 2020