• NDCompetitive athletics are a vital part of the school's curriculum. We encourage all students to participate in our athletic programs whenever possible. Loyalty is a personal attribute that we believe is an essential character trait. We feel loyal to you and your children, individually and collectively, because we are all part of the North Duplin community. An area of special importance to us is athletics - an area that nurtures feelings of loyalty and pride toward the school and community. We relish in the thought of all North Duplin athletic programs have accomplished over the years - which is a source of great pride to us. Therefore, our athletic programs, courses, and department as a whole work hard to develop traits such as sportsmanship, loyalty, and responsibility - and we sincerely believe that our coaching staff is second to none in role modeling and example setting in this regard. You as members of this community and as parents/guardians should know that our children are in excellent hands.

Last Modified on July 29, 2021