What Is A "fartlek?" Run Track And Find Out
    Furman University: Running And Flexibility   PowerPoint Presentation On How /When To Stretch.
    Furman University And Fleet Feet  PowerPoint On Buying Running Shoes.  There is a Fleet Feet store in Raleigh and Carboro.  http://www.fleetfeetsports.com  
    Road Runner Sports "shoe dog" will recommend running shoes based on your shoes tread pattern and foot strike. 
    Track Spikes?????
    The only track we run on that you can wear track spikes is at Princeton.  They can also be used at the regional and state meet.  Spikes are used, but not necessary,  for short distance races and jumping events.  

    CAROLINA CONFERENCE 2020 TRACK SCHEDULE                                       

    Wednesday, March 18

    @ Princeton High School -- 3:30 PM

    (Conference Track Meet) 

    Wednesday, March 25Track And Field

    @ Lakewood High School -- 3:30 PM 

    (Conference Track Meet)

    Wednesday, April 1

    @ Rosewood High School -- 3:30 PM

    (Conference Track Meet)
    Wednesday, April 8          

    @ Rosewood High School -- 3:30 PM 

    (Conference Track Meet) 
    Wednesday, April 22
    @ Lakewood High School -- 3:30 PM 
    Thursday,April 30
    @ UMO (Conference Championship)


    Tuesday, May 9


    Saturday, May 15/16 
    Track State Championship @ NC A&T 


    *All regular season meets start promptly at 4:00.

    This site was created for student-athletes, coaches, parents, and fans of high school track & field and cross-country. Its purpose is to promote and stimulate interest in these magnificent, yet simple sports. 

    To participate in track you must have: 

     1.  Up-to-date physical and parent permission form

    2.  School insurance

    3.  Passed at least three subjects the previous year

    4.  Attended school at least 85% of the previous semester


     1.  Triple Jump

     2.  Long Jump

     3.  High Jump

     4.  Shot Put Throw

     5.  Discus Throw

     6.   Pole Vault-the pole has weight restrictions


     1.  100 Meter Run (approximately the length of a football field)

     2.  200 Meter Run

     3.  400 Meter Run (1/4 mile =1 lap around the track)

     4.  800 Meter Run (1/2 mile = 2 laps around the track)

     5.  1600 Meter Run (l mile = 4 laps around the track)

     6.  3200 Meter Run (2 miles = 8 laps around the track)

     7.  400 Meter Relay (four person relay, each person runs 100 meters)

     8.  800 Meter Relay (four person relay, each person runs 200 meters)

     9.  1600 Meter Relay (four person relay, each person runs 400 meters)

     10.  3200 Meter Relay (four person relay, each person runs 800 meters)

     11.  110 Meter High Hurdles

     12.  300 Meter Low Hurdles

     An athlete can participate in a maximum of four events per meet.  Team points are awarded based on individual performances in each event.  Best time/distance receives the most points.




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Last Modified on February 19, 2020