Name: Jessica Villarruel
    Grade / Subject:  4th Grade
    Email: jvillarruel@duplinschools.net
    School Phone #-910-285-7183
    Welcome Villarruel's Bullpup's and Parents!
    Students and Parents,
    WELCOME TO THE 4th GRADE!!!!  We are going to have a BUSY, but WONDERFUL year. There are so many exciting things to look forward to in the 4th grade-our new STEM Lab, Lego Robotics, a Rock Climbing Wall, and tons of new BOOKS!!!
     Please make sure your child is reading EVERY night.  You can ask them questions about what they are reading to help them with summarizing, recalling details, and determining main ideas.  
    Here are a few questions you may want to ask as your child finishes their nightly reading:
    1)  What was your book mostly about?
    2)  Who were the main characters?
    3)  What was the problem the characters faced in the story?
    4)  How was the problem solved?
    5)  Did the characters in the story change from the beginning to the end?  How?
    6)  What was the most exciting part of the story, or the climax?
       a)  How did the author organize the details in the text?
       b)  What special text features did the author include?
       c)   Why did the author include different text features?
       d)  How do the text features help you to understand the text?

    To Parents

    • Make sure your child is Reading EVERY NIGHT!


    To Students:

    • Read for 20 minutes EVERY night!
    • AR Goal needs to be met  EVERY 9 Weeks!
    • Check your individual goal to monitor your progress!




Last Modified on October 27, 2021