• National Board Certification Support Program


     National Board Certification Fall/Winter Information Session (TBA) 
     Reimbursement Available for Duplin County Schools' NBC Initial Candidates
    Candidates obtaining National Board Certification this year (2019-2020) will be eligible to receive reimbursement not to exceed the cost of the certification process.  To be eligible for this reimbursement, candidates must agree to teach in Duplin County Schools for three years.  Please contact the Human Resources Department for more information.

    The following chart is applicable to candidates submitting components for scoring during the 2019-2020 Assessment Cycle:

    2019-2020 Important Dates and Deadlines

    Registration Window

    April 15, 2019-February 28, 2020

    Fee Payment Deadline

    February 28, 2020

    Change of Certificate and/or Specialty Area

    February 28, 2020

    Change of Component Selection

    February 28, 2020

    ePortfolio Submission Window

    April 1 - mid-May , 2020

    Withdrawal Deadline

    February 28, 2020

    Component 1: Content Knowledge Testing Window    

    March1-June 15, 2020

    Scores Released

    On or before December 31, 2019   



    Navigating the NBC Website:  For Initial Candidates   
    • Use the website and resources found at www.boardcertifiedteachers.org 
    • Select the "For Candidates" tab.
    • Click on the "First Time and Returning" tab.
    • Select "Certificates, Standards, and Instructions" document.  Here you can locate your certificate area you wish to pursue.  Details on completing the Components are found here.  The Level Four Rubric can be located within each component.
    • When you are ready to apply for candidacy, select the "Get Started" tab on the Home page.  Scroll down to find the 3-step process for applying.  Save your Candidate ID Number.  To apply for the state loan, apply at https://nbpts.dpi.state.nc.us/ after you apply for candidacy.  Only pay the $75 registration fee. 

     UNC-W Offers National Board Information Session for Candidates
    Registration information, along with further details regarding support workshops for initial, advanced, and renewal candidates, can be found on our website: http://www.uncw.edu/ed/nbct/index.html



    Take advantage of the resources available at www.nbpts.org/eportfolio:
    Guide to Electronic Submission 
    Electronic Submissions at a Glance 
    Video tutorials 
    Additional tip documents
Last Modified on November 22, 2019