• Methodist University Graduation, 2014  
    I am Wallace-Rose Hill's new School Social Worker, Gerron Rivenbark Bishop.
    I grew up in Duplin County and graduated from Wallace-Rose Hill in 2010.
    From there I went on to obtain my Bachelor's of Social Work degree from Methodist University in 2014.
    I have been working for Duplin County Schools since January of 2015.
    I thoroughly look forward to being back in Bulldog County!
    What is a School Social Worker and what do they do?
    School social workers are mental health professionals who assist in providing 
    academic, behavioral, social, and classroom support to students, parents, and administration.
    School social workers also accomodate in addressing additional concerns that may arise in the high school setting such as,
    mental health and truancy.
    Below I have attached a link to the Department of Public Instruction's webpage on School Social Workers.
    This website further defines and details the role of a school social worker. 
    Best way to contact me:
    Wallace-Rose Hill's phone number: (910)285-7501
Last Modified on July 22, 2020