We cultivate paths by facing our challenges with fearless hope.  We welcome opportunities that will allow us to think beyond today.  We are soaring towards a future that is only limited by our imagination. 


    Warsaw Elementary School is committed to providing an educational environment that will empower all students to forge an avenue toward college and career, while preparing them to think innovatively and globally with self-confidence and resiliency. The leadership, artistic, and physical development of all students will be nurtured, as they transform into lifelong learners with a productive future in mind. The path of our students will be a shared responsibility among Teachers, Parents, Students, and the Community.

    Our Beliefs

    All students are deserving of attention, affection, and affirmation throughout their WARE journey.

    We will recognize and honor differences in diversity, value integrity, and respect for all.

    We are committed to building positive relationships to teach the whole child.

    Through high expectations, we strive to expand our students’ potential and opportunities for success.


    Where students are educated, esteemed, and embraced daily

Last Modified on July 2, 2019