•  Mission Statement

    As a collaborative team, the B. F. Grady staff will ensure high academic achievement for all students. 



    The faculty and staff of B.F. Grady School strive: 

    • To develop an understanding of practices that promote both physical and mental health while in school and in adult life.
    • To develop all students to their fullest capacity in areas of communication, which include reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing.
    • To develop a basic understanding of computative skills to equip all students for living in a practical world.
    • To develop scientific attitudes including open-mindedness, the spirit of inquiry, recognition of cause and effect relationships, and the ability to think critically.
    • To develop a program of physical education, health, and safety to help all students develop sound bodies.
    • To develop an understanding of the responsibilities of a citizen in a modern democratic society.
    • To develop attitudes of respect for the worth and dignity of every person.
    • To develop an awareness and appreciation of natural resources and the need for conservation.
    • To develop a sense of appreciation for the Fine Arts and to discover and develop the talents of all students in these areas.
    • To develop an understanding of the wise use of leisure time.
    • To create an environment in which all students may realize some type of daily success in order to enhance his or her self-esteem.
    • To provide learning experiences in order to acquaint all students with the world of work.


    B.F. Grady is a Southern Association accredited kindergarten through eighth grade school. The curriculum is presented following the guidelines suggested by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction and the Duplin County Board of Education.

    A full range of Exceptional Children's programs are available. Specialists also provide assistance in the areas of Speech and Hearing, Migrant Education, Physical Education, Art, Band, Music Education, and ESL instruction.

    It is our goal to provide a stimulating environment that promotes student interest and motivates the learner to reach his or her full potential.

Last Modified on August 26, 2017