Mrs. Batts
    I am Walinda Batts, the Child and Family Support Team Social Worker. What is the Child & Family Support Team (CFST)? CFST is comprised of a school nurse and school social worker who identify and coordinate appropriate services and support for children at-risk of school failure or out-of-home placement and work together with the student's parents/guardians and other supports to develop a plan of success.  Our Principal Debra Hunter and Assistant Principal Ivy Dowe along with the Child & Family Support Team utilize the "One Child, One Team, One Plan" approach.
    The CFST serves as a liaison between home, school and the community by providing direct  and indirect services to students, families and school personnel.  Parents, teachers, school staff, and/or community providers can make a referral for CFST services.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact a me at 910-296-1647 (school) or 910-271-4559 (cell) I am here to help our students, parents and community.
    I believe in every students' success.

    Contact:  mailto:wbatts@duplinschools.net

Last Modified on September 23, 2018