Media Center 
     Sarah Swartz-Digital Learning & Media Coordinator 
    Contact: sswartz@duplinschools.net
    Phone: 252-568-5014
    Welcome to our library. I am a lifelong reader and my passion is to pass that love of reading on to all the students who enter the doors of our library. In my professional experience, I have learned just how important reading is in order for children to succeed in all areas of school and life. One of the ways I try to promote reading is to talk with students to learn what types of books interest them. I try to create a healthy balance of various types of books to ensure that students get to read the fun books they love but are also exposed to higher quality books that challenge them to grow as readers. 
     New Books from the Book Fair
     One way we are able to keep our collection current is through the financial support of our school district. We are so fortunate to have local leaders who see the value in making budget decisions that support our library programs and allow us to purchase current reading materials each year. We also hold a Scholastic Book Fair each year and use the profits to purchase additional books and resources for the library. 
    Scholastic Book Fair
    December 9th-13th, 2019
    We have a dedicated room in our library for our Makerspace. This is an area that provides a variety or resources for students to use independently or in small groups. The purpose of the Makerspace is to promote 21st Century Learning skills. All the resources and activities are inquiry-based and require students to use cognitive reasoning skills and problem-solving skills.
    Students can choose to design and create with art/craft materials or they can use the 3D printer, Greenscreen video, and clamation animation videography, just to name a few. Or they may choose to complete cognitive challenges, conduct experiments, or create digital coding with Lego Robotic and Spheros. 
     Makerspace Activities
    The mission of the BF Grady Library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  The program is designed to support, complement, and enhance the mission, goals, objectives and strategies of the total school system.

    At BF Grady, our regular hours are 7:20 am to 3:15 pm Our flexible schedule allows student visits anytime during the day, with permission from their teacher.  Students have scheduled visits to the Media Center once a week with their English/Language Arts Class.

    Students are allowed to borrow five books for two weeks.  Students can check out additional books with permission from the Media Coordinator.

Last Modified on November 13, 2019