• Mission Statement and Philosophy of Chinquapin Elementary School

    The goal of Chinquapin Elementary School is to find ways to execute our motto, "Every student counts, Every moment matters". 
    The staff of Chinquapin Elementary School believes that we must educate each child physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.  We should provide all children with an environment that will help each child achieve his/her highest potential.  We believe that it is our duty to help students achieve success now in order to become well-adjusted citizens later.  We believe that it is necessary to establish, promote, and sustain cooperative home, school and community efforts in order to maintain effective schools where all students learn.

     Our school is committed to providing quality and equitable learning for all students.  As a staff, we dedicate ourselves to whatever it takes to fulfill this mission.




    We believe that our school will provide all students the opportunity:

    To achieve mastery of the basic competencies of the essential curriculum,

    To develop to his fullest capacity in the areas of communication which include reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing,

    To participate in a program of physical education, health and safety to help each child develop a sound body,

    To develop the ability to think logically, critically, scientifically, creatively, and independently,

    To develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage,

    To develop an understanding of the appreciation of fine arts and to discuss and develop a child's individual talent in these areas,

    To develop the perception that education is a lifelong process and that a relationship exists between a positive self-concept and successful learning,

    To develop an awareness and an appreciation of natural resources and the need for conservation,

    To develop the knowledge needed to live a healthy and drug free life and to develop skills of lifetime fitness so students may better enjoy life.

    With these beliefs, we commit ourselves to organize, plan, initiate, and carry out a program that will be consistent with our philosophy.  We pledge ourselves to provide a safe, pleasant, well-equipped environment and to insure that the physical, mental, academic, moral, and social needs of each child are truly met.  

Last Modified on August 16, 2020