• Together We Succeed! 

    Nina Gail Lanier, Digital Learning & Media Coordinator
    Chinquapin Elementary is a wonderful place for students to learn and grow!  We are blessed to have Pre - K through 8th Grade students.  The Media Center is a place that provides the materials needed to help students to be successful and to provide entertainment for them.  We set out to promote life long learners and to encourage them to continue to read as much as they can! 
  • Accelerated Reader is a great program to accelerate learning for all students. Practicing reading with guidance and accountability is very important to Renaissance Place and to us here at Chinquapin Elementary.  We feel like this program helps students demonstrate their abilities which makes them feel good as well as their teachers and parents.  We are very thankful to have tools to help each student to learn and grow!  

    AR Book Finder -  

     This will allow you to look up any books you have to see if Renaissance Place has a test available.  Since we use Renaissance Place at Chinquapin Elementary, we have access to any test they have ever created.  Isn't that great!  
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