• WELCOME to the STEM Lab!!!!!


    7th Grade Math!!!!

  • K- 5 STEAMA

    In K-5 STEAMA students will explore the STEAMA initiative using the Engineering Design process and thier natural curiosity.  We will build, draw, problem solve, revise and many other things both individually and in groups.  


  • 7th Grade Math

    I am so excited to be back in the 7th Grade Math class!  I love working with this team of 7th Grade teachers and the students are great kids.  While Math can be a challenge online, I am confident that if we all work together, this can be an amazing experience.  

  • 6-8 STEM

    In 6-8 STEM, students will extend thier learning from K-5, by exploring the Engineering Design Process in detail. They will begin to explore careers and us hands on experiences to explore many careers like forensic science, construction, automotive, fitness & health, etc.  

  • Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, want to send me a pic, or just want to say hi.


    Best form of contact:  aalbertson@duplinschools.net



Last Modified on August 28, 2020