Name:Donald Parker
    Grade / Subject: 6 / Language Arts 
    My name is Donald Parker.  I hope this website will be helpful and informative.  Visit this site often to see areas of interest, current information, and updates. 
    Literary terms tests will be given each week.  (Each student that does not earn an 80 or above on each test must retake the test by Friday of each week.)
    Field Trip
         Each year we try to plan a field trip for the students that is educational and enjoyable.  Because of our destination this year, we decided to begin making the necessary arrangements early.
        The field trip is scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2020.  On that day, we will visit the North Carolina Zoo.  We will leave the campus at 8:00 a.m. and hopefully return at 7:00 p.m. that evening.  Please make necessary arrangements to pick up your child at the designated time.
       Goldsboro Bus Co. Inc. will provide transportation.  The cost per child will be $31.00.  (Make checks payable to Chinquapin Elementary School.)  We would appreciate it profoundly if this amount is paid on or before Friday, December 20, 2019.  Collecting the transportation fee in advance will allow us to determine how many students will be riding the bus and to make any necessary revisions pertaining to transportation.  Note: No food or beverages will be allowed on the bus.   
        The only additional expense will be for food.  Food and beverages sold at the zoo are very expensive.  (Ex. Pepsi/Water $2.75). Thus, we will stop at Burger King on the way to the zoo.  However, extra money will be required if your child would like to purchase souvenirs.  
        Make note of any medical conditions (allergies, asthma, etc.) and/or medications that your child's teacher should be aware of for this trip.
        Note:  "Students can be excluded from field trips due to disciplinary problems."  If a student receives a discipline referral, it will be left up to the teacher's discretion as to whether that student will be permitted to go on the field trip.  Note:  The transportation fee is nonrefundable.
        Please complete the information given below and return it along with the transportation fee.  We must have all forms and money no later than Friday, December 20, 2019.                          
        Thank you,
        Sixth Grade Teachers    
                                                           (Please detach and return!)
    Child's Name:_________________________________________________
    Medical Conditions/Medications_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    _____Yes   My child has permission to go on the field trip.
    _____No    My child will not be going on the field trip.
    _____Yes   My child will ride with me on the field trip.
    Parent's Signature____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    *Chinquapin Elementary will not be responsible for any lost items, stolen items, and/or electronic devices.  Each child is responsible for his or her belongings.  
Last Modified on November 6, 2019