• Must Know AP Biology Topics


    1.      Cells:  Cell structure, especially structure and function of the cell membrane

    2.      Respiration: Respiration and mitochondria

    3.      Photosynthesis: Photosynthesis and chloroplast

    4.      Cell Division:  Mitosis and meiosis

    5.      Molecular Genetics:  DNA structure and replication

    6.      Molecular Genetics:  Protein Synthesis

    7.      Evolution:  Natural Selection

    8.      Evolution:  Speciation

    9.      Plants:  Reproduction in flowering plants

    10.  Plants:  Plant tropisms and hormones (especially auxins)

    11.  Animal Structure and Function:  Nerve transmission

    12.  Animal Structure and Function:  Muscle contraction

    13.  Animal Reproduction and Development:  Menstrual cycle

    14.  Ecology:  Succession

    15.  Ecology:  Biogeochemical cycles



    * Cliffs AP Biology 3rd Edition by Phillip E. Pack; Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2007

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