• Classroom Rules

    1. Be ready to learn when the bell rings.

    2. Respect others and their property.

    3. Behave appropriately at all times.

    4. The teacher dismisses class, not the bell.



    Classroom Procedures

    1. Enter the class on time and begin the opener exercise.

    2. Bring appropriate supplies. 

    3. Listen carefully to spoken directions and read all written directions.

    4. Show respect and always ask for permission to leave your designated area to look at or interact with others.

    5. The SmartBoard is not to be used without permission.  Real markers are never to be used with it.

    6. Lab safety rules are absolute.  Breaking them gets you a one way ticket out of the lab and the points associated with it.

    7. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses the class.

Last Modified on August 7, 2020