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    The purpose of this course is to provide students with advanced exploratory experiences and activities in the fundamental concepts of the biological sciences.  This course includes a study of but is not limited to, ecology, population biology, biochemistry, cells, DNA and RNA, cell reproduction, and genetics.  This is a laboratory-based course, with emphasis on the scientific method, problem solving and data analysis.  Students will be expected to complete independent research projects such as Cell Project, DNA model, Bioethic Research paper, & Taxonomy Project.




    To qualify for this course students must have completed a course in Algebra I with a grade of 85 or above and have completed or be enrolled in Geometry.  Students must also have completed a course in physical science with a grade above 85 or have the recommendation from their 8th grade science teacher with an A average in that course.  Also, every student must be reading at or above the 80th percentile.




    Honors Earth Science with a grade of 85 or above


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