• Lab Rules/Lab Safety Contract


    The following rules are designed to act as a ‘contract’ between you and me regarding how you will act in the laboratory setting.  Labs are great ways to make learning interesting and exciting, but if abused, they’re also a great way to get you injured.


    1.    Pay close attention to any written or spoken directions before, during, and after lab.  Your safety is my utmost concern.

    2.    Avoid eating or drinking anything during class when we’re doing a lab.

    3.    Horseplay is an absolute no-no.  See Classroom Procedure #6.

    4.    Wear attire appropriate for the given lab.  For example, if we’re working with chemicals, don’t wear flip flops.  You will know about such labs at least one day before they occur.

    5.    Safety eyewear (goggles) is required anytime we’re working with chemicals, glassware, or projectiles.

    6.    Any directions given by the teacher not covered here on the list are to be assumed to be just as important to follow.


    * Use the link below to print a copy of the safety contract, sign, and return to Mr. Kennedy!


Last Modified on August 7, 2020