• School Motto
    Making it Happen for Kids
    Vision of Kenansville Elementary School

    Through high expectations, all children can and will learn.

    Mission of Kenansville Elementary School


    Kenansville Elementary school is committed to providing quality and equity in teaching for learning for all students.  Our mission is to challenge students to higher levels of academic achievement and to foster positive attitudes and behaviors which will enable students to function successfully in society.  The mission will best be accomplished through effective instructional leadership, high expectations for all students, a safe and orderly learning environment, various art and cultural experiences, frequent monitoring of students' progress, and effective home/school relationships.


    Philosophy of Kenansville Elementary School


    We at Kenansville Elementary School believe in our motto, "Making It Happen for Kids." Our primary focus is academic achievement.  We strongly support the vision that clarifies our programs:  "All Children can Learn."  We also believe that it is our responsibility to do "whatever it takes" to ensure the highest level of academic success for each child.  The staff emphasizes traditional instructional strategies, yet, current innovative practices are also an important part of our total school program.  Our school leadership team is a model of participatory decision making skills.  Teamwork and supportive collegial relationships nurture and encourage the implementation of innovative curriculum practices.  We believe that in doing the above, we will provide each student with a safe, pleasant, well-equipped learning environment that will insure the physical, mental, academic, moral, and social needs of the children who are part of this community.


Last Modified on April 7, 2020