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Governor Cooper Visits Wallace-Rose Hill High School

Governor Cooper visited Wallace-Rose Hill High School today.  He assured students, teachers, staff and administrators that, "We will not forget you." He pledged to continue seeking ways to support everyone in the wake of Hurricane Florence. 



KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA- November 15, 2018- Recent feature stories about Wallace-Rose Hill High School, the football team, and the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in the Raleigh-based News & Observer prompted Governor Roy Cooper to plan a brief stop at the school while he was in Duplin County today.  


A meeting in the school’s media center gave the Governor a chance to have a conversation with a small group of Board of Education members, County Commissioners, Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan, Principal M.D. Guthrie, administrators, staff and students. Shared with him were the ways in which the hurricane deeply affected lives in Duplin and beyond.  


Teachers, most of whom are still displaced from their homes, explained how floodwaters took everything they own and to this day are forcing some of them to commute as far as an hour one way to work.  One spoke of water and “Class III rapids” that tore through his home.


Administrators shared that their most important concern is to continue to make sure students, staff, and families have basic necessities and emotional support as they work to recover from the storm. They also talked about the thirty days of missed instruction and the potential impact on student achievement.  A bright spot of the ordeal, they said, is the increased unity across the county.


As the discussion came to a close, Governor Cooper assured those present, “You will get my effort every day. We cannot forget about you.  You have my commitment on that.”


After a brief tour of the school, he took a moment to meet in the field house with the Bulldog football team and their coaches. He encouraged them to stay focused and remember they have an important role in the recovery of their community. "People love to watch you play.  As governor of North Carolina, I wanted to come down here personally to tell you that. People who have had troubles can come down here on a Friday night to escape for a little bit."


The players were all smiles as the Governor walked around the room greeting them and shaking their hands. He had done for them what he noted they had done for others.  It was evident he provided for them a brief escape from troubles and he reminded them that they are important and have not been forgotten.



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