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Education Matters

Education Matters

Education Matters

By Dr. Obasohan

Overcoming a Hurdle as a Community


Hurricane Florence certainly presented our community with some extraordinary challenges this school year. Many of our DCS family members are still experiencing the aftermath of this devastating storm. Staff at all levels throughout our school district continue to work tremendously hard to meet the unique needs of our students and families and, at the same time, support one another.

As we continue to work together as a community to pick up the pieces from this life-altering hurricane, our teachers are simultaneously working to recoup an unprecedented amount of lost instructional time.  “Hats Off” to all of our educators for going the extra mile to provide our students with every opportunity to fill the instructional gap created by the storm.  And, “Hats Off” to all of our parents who reinforce the importance of education and actively participate in their child’s schooling at home and on our campuses.

Effective parent-school partnerships have a powerful impact on student success.  Solid partnerships are especially critical when trying to overcome hurdles such as the ones our community faced post-hurricane.  When parents and teachers maintain a positive relationship, their child is more likely to maintain a positive attitude about school.  Research confirms that when parents support student learning and respect their teachers, students are more likely to see school in a very positive sense. This can increase their motivation for learning and increase teachers’ willingness to do more each moment and therefore give our students the best chance of success.

Duplin County Schools is committed to having parent-friendly schools.  We encourage our parents to stay connected and involved in their child’s education.  Working with your child’s teacher is one of the best ways to support his/her learning. With open lines of communication, parents and teachers can connect what’s happening at school with what’s happening at home. We share a common goal: Providing the best educational experience for your child!

Before our students leave for Spring Break, I would like to thank them for doing their very best in trying times.  I would also like to thank our partners in education for their unending support.  Let’s continue to communicate and collaborate. Together, we can help our children grow and learn.  Together, we are Duplin Strong! 

On behalf of our Board of Education, best wishes for a very blessed Easter Holiday. This season is so meaningful as it gives us hope because of the “power of restoration.”  I hope you have the opportunity to relax, reflect and spend precious time with family and friends.  We look forward to our students and staff returning from Spring Break rejuvenated and ready to finish the school year strong!