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Education Matters

Dr. O gives students high fives on the first day of school


Education Matters

By Dr. Austin Obashohan

Recruiting and Supporting Beginning Teachers


Teachers are one of the most important factors contributing to the success of our students.  Even though there are other imperative aspects that specifically support the teacher’s contribution, research shows that the teacher is one of the most influential components.  

Our Board of Education is truly dedicated to the recruitment and retention of teachers in Duplin County Schools.  Their dedication and leadership is impeccable and they strive in every way to equip our classrooms with dedicated, highly qualified teachers.

Without the support of our Board of Education, teachers would not have the freedom and flexibility to be that influential factor. One of the many ways that support is given is through the Grow Your Own Scholarship offered to students dedicated to the teaching profession that have a desire to come back to teach in Duplin County Schools. We currently have scholarship recipients fulfilling the calling and giving back to our classrooms. This scholarship supports the recruitment of teachers and allows teacher diversity to flourish throughout our school system.

Our Board of Education fully embraces the role of the Beginning Teacher Support Program.  This allows our Beginning Teacher Coordinators to support teachers through team collaboration, individualized coaching, site-based support at every school, mentorships and collaborative partnerships with local universities.

Showcasing the Beginning Teachers of Duplin County Schools is an easy task. You can go out into our communities or walk into our schools on any given day and quickly find success stories.  It is obvious that our teachers are passionate about their learning and are proving to be teacher leaders early in the profession. They have answered the call and are dedicated to giving our students the educational opportunities they deserve.

There are many areas where our beginning teachers continue to impact our students and school system, with some of these being; teaching in “Extended Learning Opportunities”, participating and leading in professional development across the district and throughout the state, representing Duplin County Schools as teacher leaders through the UNC-Wilmington “Promise of Leader” Award Program, and the list goes on.

This summer two of our beginning teachers were selected to represent Duplin County Schools on a global stage, where they traveled with 42 other N.C. teachers to Mexico for a “Learn and Lead” experience.  Participants were immersed in Mexico’s unique history, culture, and environment while collaborating with other delegation members on ways to incorporate new global experiences into their own classrooms.

Our beginning teachers are dedicated to building and fostering relationships, which is crucial to student success. These types of connections are promoting increased school attendance and self-motivation of learning. Teachers are able to tap into the struggles of learning and work to overcome barriers.  Students are taking responsibility for their learning and becoming motivated to work harder in and out of the classroom. 

We value our teachers in Duplin County Schools and appreciate  their impact on student success. The role of the Board of Education and the DCS staff is to provide the ultimate support that will allow our teachers to strive for educational excellence so they can Educate, Inspire, and Change Lives!  Our students are the BEST and they deserve the BEST teachers!