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Beginning Teachers Observe Master Teachers to Enhance ELA Instruction



Beginning Teachers Observe Master Teachers and Explore Strategies to Enhance Guided Reading  

Recently, some K-2 beginning teachers across the district had an opportunity to visit another classroom to observe Master Teachers working with ELA instruction in their same grade level.  Teachers were able to see other teaching strategies and classroom management styles in practice. The observations also allowed teachers to observe students and how they reacted to and participated in classroom instruction while observing teacher response and feedback.

Following classroom observations, teachers participated in a Professional Development session provided by NC State Wolfpack Works Coaches. During the session, coaches discussed research based strategies on how to establish, manage and facilitate small group reading instruction. Break out sessions allowed teachers to work with other educators on their same grade level, while the coaches modeled instruction and teachers played the role of the student. Being in this real life teaching moment allowed teachers to see instruction as well as experience the student learning side at the same time.

Topics from the afternoon included, establishing and managing guided reading groups, effective lesson planning that aligns with curriculum standards, framing the lesson, structuring student groups and using data to drive instruction.

Sylvia Draughn, Director of Recruitment and Teacher Support Services shared, The Literacy PD Session with our Wolfpack Works Coaches helped beginning teachers identify the what, why, how and when of guided reading groups and instructional centers. One teacher from Rose Hill Magnolia Elementary shared that she was excited that she was able to attend and was anxious to get back to her classroom and use what she learned.”


The afternoon wrapped up as Wolfpack Works Coaches shared make and take activities that aligned with the afternoon session for teachers to take back and start using immediately in their classrooms for small group reading instruction.