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Rose Hill Magnolia Teachers Experience Learning At The Ron Clark Academy

Teachers stand with Ron Clark  

Rose Hill Magnolia Teachers Get Immersed In Learning At The Ron Clark Academy

Each year, thousands of educators from around the world have the opportunity to participate in the Ron Clark Academy, RCA’s professional development training, the RCA Experience, to learn how to replicate the school’s style, philosophy, and success in their own schools. Recently, Nikki Williamson,  Latasha Simpson, Erica Chapman and Victoria Newkirk, teachers from Rose Hill Magnolia Elementary School, took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and have shared their experiences below. 

 Victoria Newkirk, 6th/7th grade social studies teacher shares, “ I had an amazing opportunity to participate in professional development at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.  Visiting the Ron Clark Academy helps teachers to reconnect with their own agency. The impact of a positive and energetic mindset is transformative in reducing teacher burnout and promoting students’ success. We set the tone for students, who need reassurance that even the worst days will become good days when they enter the school. Through building relationships and mindfully curating a “failure is not an option” culture, the academy showed us new strategies to ensure our school is a safe haven and inclusive learning environment. This school is a testament to the power of holistic education and the necessity of collective efficacy.”

Latasha Simpson, 5th-grade teacher shares, “On November 21 and 22nd, I was able to attend the professional development of my dreams! When I was a junior at UNC Wilmington, Ron Clark visited our Teaching Fellows program and spoke to us about the teaching profession. Since then, attending the Ron Clark Academy Educator Training has been one of my professional goals. RCA is nationally known for its levels of engagement, rigor, and relationships. During our visit, I got to watch some of my "teacher-heroes", like Michael Bonner, Ron Clark, Korey Collins, and Kim Bearden, do what they do best - TEACH!”

Nikki Williamson 2nd grade teacher says, "This professional development was so beneficial because not only did we have lectures, we were able to watch these master teachers work in their classrooms with their students. Rarely do educators attend a professional development session to immerse themselves in powerful teaching and learning. This method of presentation was revolutionary! As a sixth year teacher, I have built a solid foundation of relationships within my classroom.  As I continue throughout the rest of the year and my career, my goal is to take the instructional strategies I witnessed at the Ron Clark Academy and implement them in my own classroom to raise the levels of rigor and engagement in my teaching. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to grow and learn as an educator.”

Erica Chapman 3rd grade teacher shares “Attending the Ron Clark Academy opened my eyes and rejuvenated my teaching heart. It gave me a boost to continue to teach in a way that promotes movement, music, and engagement from all of my students. I have expanded my teaching toolbox and will continue to refine my craft with these tools. Every school has runners, joggers, walkers, and riders on their school bus. Dig deep to be the runner while supporting all levels of teachers in your building. We are here to build a community that supports each other!”

Thank you, Ms. Newkirk, Ms. Williamson, Ms. Simpson and Ms. Chapman for sharing your amazing experiences!