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Ms. Janice Goldsby Named DCS Employee of the Quarter


Ms. Goldsby making speech


DCS Board Honors Ms. Janice Goldsby as Employee of the Quarter


Kenansville, North Carolina- January 5, 2021- At Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting, Ms. Janice Goldsby was recognized as Employee of the Quarter for Duplin County Schools. 

Board Chairman Mr. Brent Davis commended Ms. Goldsby on her dedicated service to Duplin County Schools where she has served the past 17 years. Ms. Goldsby has served in previous roles such as school counselor and assistant principal and now serves as Pre-K Program Director.  Board Chairman, Mr. Brent Davis shared, “On behalf of the Board of Education, it is an honor for me to be able to present the award of Employee of the Quarter to Ms. Janice Goldsby.” 

Ms. Janice Goldsby was given the opportunity to say a few words and shared, “It is indeed an honor to be presented with this award and I thank God for giving me the ability and knowledge and the heart to do what I do.  I love what I do and without him, I couldn’t do, what I do. Ms. Goldsby went on to thank the Board, Dr. Obasohan, Mr. Powers, principals, teachers, teacher assistants and all of the staff that work alongside her that truly make her job easier.  Ms. Goldsby continued by thanking her husband and mother who were in attendance to see her receive the award.”

Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan stated, “Ms. Goldsby is truly dedicated to her calling and is an invaluable member of the Duplin County Schools family. Her commitment to student success is evident and she goes above and beyond in her role to support, grow and enhance the Pre-K program in Duplin County Schools. We are blessed to have her serving our school system and most importantly our Pre-K students and staff.”