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Congratulations "Going Local " Grant Recipients!



DCS Teachers Awarded Ag in the Classroom “Going Local” Grants

Kenansville, NC - June 1, 2021- At Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting, Mr. Justin Edwards, on behalf of Farm Bureau, presented 3 Duplin County Schools teachers with Ag in the Classroom, “Going Local” grants.

Mr. Edwards, shared, “The Ag in the Classroom Program with North Carolina Farm Bureau has two grant cycles per year awarding up to 25 grants each cycle. During this cycle we were lucky enough to have 3 teachers to be awarded these grants.”

The three teachers receiving the “Going Local” grants were Mrs. Robyn Sutton, Ms. Tanya Novakowski and Mr. Tim Mateer. Each teacher had the opportunity to share their project overviews with the audience. 

Ms. Tanya Novakowski, teacher at Rose Hill-Magnolia Elementary School, will use the grant opportunity to create “Aquaponics in the Classroom”. This project will allow the development of an aquaponics system utilizing a fish tank, fish, plants, and a grow light which will be housed in the current Agriculture Room at Rose Hill-Magnolia.

Mr. Tim Mateer, also a teacher at Rose Hill Magnolia Elementary, will utilize the grant money in the current live poultry area at their school as well as purchase an incubator. Students have had the opportunity to hatch chickens that now reside in an outside chicken coop which will later become layers. This grant will provide ways to grow and sustain their current poultry area.

Mrs. Robyn Sutton, teacher at Kenansville Elementary, will utilize the grant to continue to tie literacy and agriculture together in her classroom. She currently uses stories which include many areas of agriculture that also teach story structure for her kindergarten students. Through the grant, Ms. Sutton will be able to add books, puppets, animals, characters and dramatic play resources for her students.

Following the grant overviews, Mr. Edwards concluded by saying, “I would like to thank these teachers for participating in our grant program. N.C. Farm Bureau, Duplin County Farm Bureau, and the American Farm Bureau Federation feel that it is of vital importance that our kids in this country understand and recognize where their food and fiber come from. There is no better way to do this than connecting them to their teachers and for us to make the funds available for teachers in hopes they will participate and utilize this program.”

Congratulations Ms. Novakowski, Mr. Mateer and Ms. Sutton!