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Innovation Shines Bright at DCS STEAMA Fair

On January 13, Duplin County Schools hosted the 2022-2023 STEAMA Fair at the Warsaw Elementary School Gymnasium. Students in 3rd thru 12th grade showcased innovative projects using the scientific method and engineering design process to explore topics of interest to them. This was the first in-person STEAMA Fair since January 2020, with veteran judges in attendance, calling the projects presented, “the best they have seen in years.” 
STEAMA, is Duplin County Schools’ commitment to an innovative approach to providing personalized career pathways for all students by connecting curriculum and communities while integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, science, and agriculture.  It was truly evident that the pillars of STEAMA were interwoven throughout each student’s project from the initial design to the finished product.

Ms. Nicole Murray, Chief Officer for STEAMA Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development for Duplin County Schools, kicked off the award’s ceremony by welcoming everyone in attendance. She shared, “ We are so thankful and excited to be here today to celebrate and honor the exemplary work of our students.” Ms. Murray went on to thank the DCS Curriculum Innovation team for their preparation efforts and the judges, whose job, she shared, was made immensely difficult by the excellent work presented by the students.  “I am truly overwhelmed by the caliber of our students participating in this year’s STEAMA Fair. The level of talent and innovation is truly exciting for our district, and I can’t wait to see the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for them.”

Three levels of awards were presented to each grade span; elementary, middle, and high school. Projects of Merit were projects that demonstrate high quality implementation of science or engineering concepts and processes. Projects of Distinction stand apart from the rest as students demonstrated exceptional understanding and application of science or engineering.  Projects of Excellence, the highest award, demonstrate superior work in science or engineering.  Students receiving a Project of Excellence award will be invited to compete in the Southeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair at UNCW on February 11. 

Congratulations to all Duplin County Schools STEAMA Fair participants!

The Division Winners are listed below:

Projects of Excellence (Gold Medal, Invited to SE Regional Science and Engineering Fair)

“Sip All Day, Get Decay” 
Taylor Whaley 
Beulaville Elementary School 

“Bulletproof School Products” 
Elaina Jones, Ella Jones 
Beulaville Elementary School 

Projects of Distinction (Silver Medal) 
“How High Will it Go?” 
Harper Kennedy 
BF Grady Elementary School 

“Sweet Tooth” 
Macy Mewborn 
Kenansville Elementary School 

Projects of Merit (Bronze Medal) 
Katherine Wolfe, JT Wolfe 
North Duplin Elementary School 

“How Does Soil Type Affect the Growth of Sunflower and Corn Plants?” 
Lina Kimes 
North Duplin Elementary School 

Projects of Excellence (Gold Medal, Invited to SE Regional Science and Engineering Fair) “Which Material Works Best as a Newton’s Cradle?” 
Madeline Kimes 
North Duplin Jr/Sr High School 

“Catapult Project 2.0” 
Santiago Kimes 
North Duplin Elementary School 

Project of Distinction (Silver Medal) 
“Does Color Affect Memory?” 
Kira Sherrod 
Warsaw Elementary School 

Project of Merit (Bronze Medal) 
“Which Candy Dissolves Best in Vinegar?” 
Meredith Best 
North Duplin Jr/Sr High School

Projects of Excellence (Gold Medal, Invited to SE Regional Science and Engineering Fair) “How Does the Amount of Electrolytes in Different Drinks Compare?” 
Valentina Kimes 
North Duplin Jr/Sr High School 

“SA 1 Smoke Absorber” 
Brian Martinez, Christopher Martinez 
Wallace-Rose Hill High School 

“Hand Powered Generator” 
Makayla Johnson 
Duplin Early College High 

Projects of Distinction (Silver Medal) 
“Fresh vs. Store-Bought Vegetables” 
Gipsy Alvarado, Samia Pineda Lainez 
Wallace-Rose Hill High School 

“House Design and Earthquakes” 
Amberlyn Dyer 
Duplin Early College High School 

Projects of Merit (Bronze Medal) 
“Desk Ergonomics” 
Jenli Gonzales 
Duplin Early College High School 

“Burn, Baby, Burn” 
Ammaryah Morrison, Braxtyn Newkirk 
Wallace-Rose Hill High School 

“5 Second Rule” 
Alivia Chasten, Calyn Melvin 
Wallace-Rose Hill High School