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Students Experience Real Life at Financial Reality Event

Duplin County Schools Participate in SECU Sponsored “Reality Of Money” Simulation

During the month of November, the State Employees Credit Union provided a unique simulation experience for Duplin County high school students. The Reality of Money event, which rotated through the district’s high schools, allows students to make financial decisions such as paying for housing, transportation, and other monthly expenses as they are "transformed" into young adults with jobs and other responsibilities to manage. Volunteers brought their expertise and “played the part” to motivate students to spend their money as they moved through the various stations. At these stations, students made choices as to what level of financial obligation they were willing to spend in regards to food, housing, automobile, health insurance, entertainment, etc. While students tried to make it to the end of the month with money saved, various team members interrupted the process by throwing in “unexpected expenses” such as a flat tire repair, which was immediately subtracted from the student’s expenses.

Students, were exposed to various financial learning points, such as, the value of furthering their education after high school, the limiting effect bad credit has on their lifestyle choices and "living within their means," which allows them to save for their financial future. 
Wallace-Rose Hill High School principal, Dr. Thomas Nichols, shared, “This event provided our students with real life situations to help them understand the value of the dollar and to see how fast it can be spent. It gave them a chance to see that things in life can happen that cost money and can totally put you into a spin with your budget. Those are the true practical applications they received with the Reality of Money event. The opportunity to experience these life lessons now as students with this simulation as well as the opportunity to engage in this event with community members is truly powerful.” 

Students also had a chance to share what this process has taught them. 

“I really enjoyed this experience. I learned that being grown is expensive and that you need to work hard to save your money” - Lamya 11th grade

“This experience is really going to help me in the future. I have learned to save money,  build up your credit, pay your bills on time and don’t have kids.” Camarie - 12th grade

“Allowing our students to be immersed in the Reality of Money event helps them to make connections with real-world scenarios while providing them with an understanding of the importance of preparing now for their future. We can’t thank Mr. Kenny Barrett, SECU Kenansville Vice President and Branch Manager, and his staff for continuing to bring such an innovative financial literacy program to our district. We also thank our DCS staff and volunteers from all across the district for giving their time and expertise to make this opportunity happen for our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Obasohan.