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CARES Funding Transforms WALE Media Center

State of the Art Media Center Comes to Life at Wallace Elementary

The CARES funding, Renovate to Innovate, grant project brought about a remarkable transformation in the library at Wallace Elementary School. The once traditional media center has now been reimagined to a state of the art learning center that enhances students' social, emotional, and overall well-being. This transformation involved the acquisition of special seating, vibrant rugs, and cutting-edge hands-on activities while creating an environment that instills a sense of serenity and curiosity in the students' educational journey. Aligning with the District vision, the goal of this project is to inspire a lifelong love for learning through collaboration with innovative educational opportunities for all students in grades Pre-K through 13.

The media center also received an upgrade with the introduction of modern Makerspace equipment. This addition aims to reignite students' enthusiasm for learning and encourage them to move beyond the confines of desks and screens. It empowers them to become problem-solvers, innovators, and creators, thus preparing them for excellence in a globally competitive society. Through the acquisition of sphero balls, virtual reality headsets, IO blocks, calm down tiles, and more, we are able to enhance our support of STEAMA (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Agriculture) pathways for all students at Wallace Elementary School.  Through this grant, students are now able to experience virtual reality experiences and travel throughout the world and delve into living habitats. The padcaster and additional green screen equipment gives students the opportunity to practice their creation and communication skills, leading them to being college and career ready while exploring unique pathways provided by our newly renovated library and Makerspace. Updated furniture that includes calming chairs and a dry erase table fosters collaboration and reading while further expanding the STEAMA experience.

“We are so thankful for our school’s decision to utilize a portion of the CARES Funding to truly transform our media center. Admiring the students' enthusiasm and excitement as they enter into our newly renovated, warm and welcoming learning commons, is so inspiring. Their love for selecting books, reading, and their engagement with hands-on activities allows students to explore and collaborate, leading them to life-long success,” shared Mrs. Tonya Patram, Digital Learning Media Coordinator.

“Through our newly renovated space, teachers, students, and staff are able to explore various opportunities for project-based learning, leading them to college and career readiness. Students and staff are designing, creating, and producing schoolwide videos while also being able to take a tour of the rainforest, swim under water, explore space, and travel around the world. These unique resources provide an opportunity for all students to participate in creative, hands-on activities that correlate with their classroom units of study or just an opportunity to explore their own interests.  Our newly renovated library is a highlight for all of us and it is truly leading to a new level of excitement for teaching and learning," shared Mr. Angelo Cavallaro, principal at Wallace Elementary.