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DCS Students Excel in State BETA Convention

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KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - February 1, 2024- Duplin County Schools students were shining bright last week in Greensboro as they competed in the annual North Carolina Beta Club State Convention. The event, held at the Joseph S. Koury Convention Center, marked the 82nd year for the Senior level competition and the 32nd year for the Elementary/Junior level competition. Duplin County Schools was very well-represented with all elementary and high school Beta clubs competing in academic, art, talent and group events. 

During this year’s event, Duplin County Schools students brought home more than 90 awards and recognitions in the combined levels of competition with approximately 360 students participating. Excitement remains high all across the district as students and sponsors gear up for the National Competition in June. Duplin County Schools is so proud of every student that competed in this year's event and wish those moving on to the National Beta competition the very best of luck! 

The State Beta results from Duplin County Schools are shared below:

Elementary/Junior Level

BF Grady Elementary School 
Black and White Photography - 5th place (Emma Wallace)

Beulaville Elementary School
Black and White Photography - 1st Place (Adalee Miller)
Jewelry - 5th Place (Mary Jones)
Small Group Talent - 1st Place
Accessorized Apparel - 4th Place
Songfest - 2nd Place
Premier Performance Vocal “Golden Ticket”- (Arden Kildow, Bella Parker)
Performing Arts Small Group - 1st Place

Chinquapin Elementary School
Color Photography - 3rd Place (Rivers Rhodes)
Living Literature - 3rd Place
5th Grade Math - 4th Place (Jase Knowles)
Performing Arts Large Group- 4th Place
Premier Performer - 1st Place (Madeline Swinson)
Recyclable Art - 1st place (Konnor Sholar)
Sculpture - 3rd Place (Kyleigh Beth Turner)
Songfest - 3rd Place 
6th Grade Spanish - 2nd Place (Dylan Camacho-Duarte)

Kenansville Elementary School
Onsite Art Painting - 1st Place (Syris Malone Deluca)
Performing Arts - 5th Place
Premier Performer - 1st Place (Averie Craft)
Sculpture - 1st Place (Brantley Williamson)
Spelling Bee - 4th Place (Johan Jeremiah Davis)
Woodworking - 5th Place (Grayson Lee Norwood)
Black & White Photography - 2nd Place (Wyatt Anthony Knowles)
Book Battle - 2nd Place
Language Arts - 4th Place (Macy Mewborn) 
Living Literature - 4th Place
Marketing & Communications Elementary - 4th place
7th Grade Social Studies - 2nd Place (James Lee Howard)
Marketing & Communications - 4th Place (Landyn Boone, Andrew Chambers, Harlo Guy, Parker Knowles, and Bang Bang Ly)

North Duplin Elementary School
Onsite Art Painting - 2nd Place (Katherine Wolfe) 
Premier Performer - 2nd Place (Claire Grady) 
Pottery - 1st Place (Addie Katherine Kornegay) 
Technology - 1st Place (Eli Grady and Katherine Wolfe)
Two Dimensional Design - 5th Place (Ella Lambert) 
4th Grade Language Arts Academic Test- 1st place (Addie Katherine Kornegay)
Pottery - 2nd Place (Ethan Brock)

Rose Hill-Magnolia Elementary School
Musicology - 5th Place (Jaxon Ginn, Jayleah Robinson, Dakota Melvin, and Madison Jones)  
6th Grade Math - 5th Place (Iker Ramirez Rodriguez) 
4th grade Spanish - 3rd Place (Dereck Pineda Cruz) 
5th grade Spanish - 1st Place (Daniela Vasquez Diaz)

Wallace Elementary School
Black & White Photography - 3rd Place (Presley Brown)
Painting - 4th Place (Jaydon Ayllon)
Performing Arts - 4th Place
Quilling - 3rd Place (Sherlyn Velazquez Caldera)
Woodworking - 1st Place (Thomas Jack Bizzell)
Onsite Art Drawing - 4th Place (Presley Brown)
Quilling - 5th Place (Lydia Davis)
5th Grade Science - 2nd Place (Wesley Cooper)
6th Grade Spanish - 5th Place (Genesis Marquez-Orellana)

Warsaw Elementary School
Onsite Art - Drawing and Painting - 1st place (Reece Sutton)
5th Grade Spanish - 5th Place (Izamar Reyes) 
Hand-drawn Anime - 3rd Place (Kira Sherrod)

Senior Level

Duplin Early College High School
Hand Drawn Anime Division 1 - 5th Place (Kristen Sherrod)
French 12th Grade - 4th Place (Britney Funez Hernandez
Language Arts 11th Grade - 4th Place (Jordan Hooper)
Apparel Design - 4th Place (Aubrey Cooper)
Performing Arts Solo Vocalist - 3rd Place (Kelsey Handy)
Premier Performer Singer Award - Kelsey Handy

East Duplin High School
State in Group Talent-1st Place
Living Literature-1st Place
Musicology-4th Place (Myron Judge, Macaelyn Williams, Emerson Houston, and Eden Haste)
Science-3rd place (Daniel Jones)
Biomedical Health Science-5th Place (Daphne Steffins)
Digital Art-1st Place (Amiya Harper)
Digitally Enhanced Photography-1st Place (Juliet Faulkner)
Painting-2nd Place (Savannah Kennedy)
Recyclable Art-4th Place (Angeles Silvia Coria)
Quiz Bowl Team qualified to compete in the Top 8 (Daniel Jones, Gabriel Faulkner, Kyle Kern, and Luke Bailey)
Leah North ran for State President (placed 5th in campaign skit)

James Kenan High School
Living literature-3rd Place
Two Dimensional design team-2nd Place
Jewelry Design-4th place (Lily Chestnutt)
Quilling Artwork-3rd place (Lesly Delfino-Rivera)

North Duplin Jr/Sr High School
Performing Arts Small Group - 4th place in (Madeline Kimes, Yesenia Gomez-Maldonado, Santiago Kimes, Scarlett Dyer)
Three Dimensional design - 5th place (Carrly Strickland)
8th grade Spanish - 4th place (Yahayra Hernandez-Lopez)
Onsite Art Drawing - 3rd place (Rylan Strickland)
Speech - 2nd place (Henry Pope)

Wallace-Rose Hill High School
Black & White Photography - 1st Place (Ashley Medina)
Book Battle - 3rd Place
Creative Writing - 1st Place (Jovan Wilson)
Digitally Enhanced Photography - 4th Place (Danny Ortez Lagos)
Engineering - 2nd Place 
Hand Drawn Anime - 1st Place (Ashley Garay-Yanez)
Language Arts - 2nd Place (Jace Turner)
Onsite Painting - 2nd Place (Savannah Smith)
Poetry - 1st Place (Josue Cadena)
Premier Performer Dancer (Ammaryah Morrison, Janiah Warren)
Premier Performer Singer (Brantley Hawes, Olivia Springfield, Shania Farrior, Milana Merendino)
Quilling - 5th Place (Brantley Hawes)
Quiz Bowl - 4th place
Recyclable Art - 3rd Place (Janiah Warren)
Show Choir - 4th Place
Speech - 4th Place (Joshua James)
Technology - 4th Place

Congratulations to all DCS BETA Club students, sponsors, and families!