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DCS Schools Receive Grant Funding from Pilot Travel Center

Picture of school principals holding check

Kenansville, North Carolina - March 26, 2024- On behalf of the New Horizons renovation project at Pilot Travel Center #6696, Pilot Company recently awarded $10,000 in grant funding to Duplin County Schools.  $5,000 each was awarded to James Kenan High School and Warsaw Elementary School.  The information on how this funding will be utilized at both schools can be found below.

James Kenan High School submitted a request for STEM Workshops and a Guest Speaker Series.  The school would conduct workshops focusing on different STEM subjects such as robotics, coding, 3D printing, cybersecurity, and more.  Instructional technology tools like coding platforms, simulation software, or virtual reality will be used to make these sessions interactive and accessible.  The school will also invite professionals, educators, and experts from STEM industries who specialize in instructional technology to share their experiences and insights. They will be able to discuss the role of technology in advancing STEM fields and its impact on various industries.

Warsaw Elementary School submitted a request to purchase virtual reality (VR) equipment for their Media Center. The grant request aims to revolutionize the media center into an immersive hub of learning through the integration of virtual reality technology. By incorporating VR cinema into their educational repertoire, they envision a dynamic shift in the way students engage with learning materials. The primary goal is to infuse the media center with innovation that sparks excitement and ignites the joy of learning. Through VR technology, students will be transported from passive observers to active participants within educational narratives. The immersive nature of VR cinema promises an unparalleled learning experience, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of various subjects.

Congratulations to James Kenan High School and Warsaw Elementary!