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Child Nutrition Department Hosts Successful Inaugural Food Show

Kenansville, NC- March 27, 2024 - James Kenan High School, in collaboration with Duplin County Schools Child Nutrition Department, recently celebrated a landmark event, with an inaugural Food Show. The event's theme, “Family Reunion” brought together over 700 students from various school districts for an immersive culinary experience. Emphasizing the exploration of palates, the Food Show showcased products locally grown and manufactured within the district. Attendees were treated to a diverse array of offerings, highlighting the region's rich culinary heritage.

Cafeteria managers took center stage, offering scratch-made authentic dishes that reflected an impressive range of culturally diverse cuisines. One of the standout features of the event was the Chef's Featured Dish curated by cafeteria managers, which included a Wing Stop Bar, an Authentic Mexican Cuisine Station, a Taste of Italy, and a Pasta Station. "We are thrilled with the overwhelming success of our inaugural Food Show and Family Reunion,” said Kristie Carr, President of the School Nutrition Association and James Kenan cafeteria staff member. “This event not only provided a way for our managers to showcase their culinary talents but also celebrated our community's rich food culture."

The event also served as a platform for fostering collaboration and promoting local businesses within the district. Vendors and chefs had the opportunity to connect with students and community members, further strengthening ties within the community. "We are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication displayed by our managers, staff, and community partners," said Pamela Bannerman, Supervisor of the Child Nutrition Department. "The success of this event is a testament to the collective efforts of everyone involved."

The food-tasting event empowered students by providing them with hands-on experience in tasting and evaluating different dishes, enabling them to take ownership of decision-making processes related to menu planning and item selection. Student participant, Kylan Chavis shared, "As a third-grader at Kenansville Elementary School, I loved being part of the food-tasting event! It was so cool to try different dishes and share my thoughts with the cafeteria team and vendors. I felt like my opinion mattered, and I'm excited to see how my feedback helps make our school lunches even better!" 

The Child Nutrition Department thanks all participants, sponsors, and volunteers for making the inaugural Food Show a resounding success. Plans for next year's event are already underway, promising an even more spectacular culinary showcase.