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TIPS for Parents

Here are a few simple ways to help your child be successful academically:  

1. Show an interest in what your child is learning in school each day. Try to get past the responses of "nothing" and I don't know" that are so common at this age. Have your child tell you each night exactly what they are learning about.

 2. Make sure your child reads (and completes his/her reading log) EVERY night. One of the best ways to improve the reading level of a child is to practice, practice, practice! Help your child figure out what type of books they enjoy reading and encourage him/her to read those books. When reading chapter books, have your child stop after each chapter and summarize what they read in that chapter. A reading journal is a good way to do this (and it provides a great conversation piece for you and your child).

 3. Sign your child's agenda AND reading log EVERY night. Your child's agenda is a great way to keep in contact with me as well as a wonderful way to make sure your child is doing what he/she should be each night for homework. I give very little homework so the expectation is that the homework I do assign should be completed. Each time homework is not completed, your child's homework  grade (that begins each nine weeks at a 100) will be reduced by 5 points. This grade will count as a test grade at the end of each grading period.

 4. Constant Communication! Feel free to call or email Mrs. Hatcher ANY time you have questions, comments, or concerns in regards to your child's education!