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DECHS Inaugural Homecoming

This year the students at DECHS hosted the first DECHS Homecoming Pep Rally. While we have had pep rallies before this is the first time we have had a Homecoming Court. We would like to thank and congratulate our Homecoming Committee for coming up with the activities and hosting a wonderful event. As Mavericks, we do our best to nurture all ideas and give students the space to expand and execute those ideas. We would like to give a special congratulations to our first Homecoming King, Queen, grade level representatives and all students that ran campaigns. Our winners are as follows:


Mr. Freshman: Daniel Martinez

Miss Freshman: Onesty Sutton

Mr. Sophomore: Taekwon Wright

Miss Sophomore: Joanna Guo

Mr. Junior: Mason Batchelor

Miss Junior: Avery Brown

Mr. Senior: Jaleck Williams

Miss Senior: Na'Teasiha Whitfield

Mr. Super Senior: Calvin Williams

Miss. Super Senior: Bella Bernardez

Queen: Rasheeta Dixon

King: Hector Cornejo


Again, congratulations to our first Homecoming Court!


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