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Congratulations to B. F. Grady's Student of the Month for October - Ian Lattimore

Congratulations to Ian Lattimore, for being nominated as our student of the month for October. He is in 2nd grade. His teacher is Mrs. Revoir.


Here is a message from his teacher…..


Ian has become a real leader in the classroom; both academically and socially.  I knew him through his step-brother that I had in class before; so we didn’t have the usual get to know each other time.  He has been a real help with any student who needs help; and is always willing to help me out by running forms to the office or escorting a student there as well.  He is willing to take responsibility if he doesn’t complete an assignment.  Ian continues to explore academically and is willing to go above and beyond in his work.  I can’t wait to see where this year takes him!


Again, Congratulations Ian!!!


Ian Lattimore