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Chorus Students Attend ECU Camp

Congratulations to ED Chorus Seniors Cora Haste and Brayden Houston for attending the ECU Summer Choral Workshop!  This special 2-day event took place June 28-29 on the campus at ECU.  Cora and Brayden were among 18 students from other high schools that rehearsed alongside the ECU Chamber Singers. While at the workshop the high-school students were able to get a glimpse of what life is at the college-level.   They were able to study vocal music with ECU School of Music professors Dr. Jami Rhodes, a former ED Panther herself, and Dr. James Franklin.  The experience provided these students a wonderful chance to sing choral music with an amazing group of people. We are excited to see our students learn choral music on this level and hope to have more events like this in the future.    
The performance can be viewed online.