Bringing Our Students Back Safely is Our Goal


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     August 2020



Bringing Our Students Back Safely is Our Goal 


Duplin County Schools is eager for the return of our students; however, COVID-19 is forcing us to move slower than we would like. The coronavirus pandemic is a temporary inconvenience for some and catastrophic for others. That is why we believe reopening our schools is vital to the overall well being of our students, families, teachers and staff.  While our original plan has been delayed, we will not take our eye off our goal of getting children back into our classrooms as soon as possible.  At the same time, we will not make decisions that conflict with the safety of our school family members.


We are in the business of education, and DCS educators are excited for teaching and learning to resume. While traditional classrooms are our preferred learning environment, we know education can effectively take place in various settings with proper planning and training.  As previously announced, DCS will start the 2020-21 school year with 100% remote instruction. This decision was strictly based on the safety of our students and staff. Because of the Board's additional investment to support technology, all students will be assigned a device. More information about device pickup and printed work materials will be forthcoming from schools.  Targeted professional development, extensive planning, and lessons gleaned from our first attempt at remote instruction have better prepared our administrators, teachers, and staff for a robust, accountability-driven program this time around.  In addition, a comprehensive Remote Instruction Plan was developed to ensure the delivery of structured educational programs for all grade levels.  During this five-week remote period, schools will work to accommodate student meetings with teachers to address any prescribed or recommended services. Such meetings will be arranged by appointment and consistent with all health and safety guidelines. 

It is important to note that remote instruction does not take place only online.  Teachers and staff will be on site in their classrooms to engage students on a daily basis using various media and formats including video conference, telephone conference, print material, online material, learning management systems, etc. We are committed to providing personalized support to all children and the opportunity for in-person parent/teacher conferences will also be available in accordance with all CDC guidelines. 

For complete details of the DCS Remote Instruction Plan, please visit our website or contact your child’s school for more information.  Positive parent/teacher partnerships, especially at times like this, are critical to a child’s success in school. I encourage everyone to establish open lines of communication to prevent problems or misunderstandings from festering.

Let’s work together to ensure our children have a successful school year.  We can cope better through this pandemic if we all work together.   God bless you and keep you safe!


Your humble servant,

Austin Obasohan