Remaining Thankful Through Adversity



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November 2020


 November looks very different than it did a year ago. Eight months into this new COVID-19 “normal,” we find ourselves still caught in the middle of a very challenging, ever-changing and unpredictable situation.  If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it has taught us to be more compassionate, flexible, and to appreciate every moment. We have had to be “on the spot” innovative creators, developers, problem solvers, not only to a new way of teaching and learning, but to a new way of living. We find that the opportunity to gather has been replaced with moments of undesired disconnectedness and isolation. We constantly have to monitor and adjust and then readjust to any situation at any given moment to challenges we did not see coming. However, through these challenges and hardships, we can still find so many things to be thankful for.

 To our Board of Education, thank you for your dedication to our students and staff.  We are thankful for the continued support from our community and business and faith-based partners. To our administrators, we are grateful for your steadfast leadership and commitment to all students.  We are thankful to all of our DCS departmental and school support staff for supporting and meeting the needs of our students and families. We are grateful for our teachers and instructional staff for creating new ways of teaching and building virtual relationships and connections with students and families. To our amazing parents, we are so thankful for all that you have done and continue to do on a daily basis to ensure that your child has what they need to learn, thrive and be successful. It is such a blessing to see parents appreciating each other and being there for each other during these trying times. We see students appreciating their teachers and teachers appreciating their students and families and being so excited for the moments of true connection. We are grateful for all these things that we witness on a daily basis and that we have a Board of Education, a community and a school family that always put our students and staff first.

In this season, we want to thank you for making an impact and not giving up on our kids during this pandemic.  We also recognize this season as a time of renewed gratitude and hope for bright, prosperous days ahead.  Let’s remain united with God’s love and grateful hearts.

My family and I are grateful for you and wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving season.