Spiritual Intelligence in the World of Equity




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   December 2020


Spiritual Intelligence in the World of Equity

To ensure every child’s success, Duplin County Schools strives to guarantee educational equity by providing students with personalized support to help them overcome any barriers standing in their way.  Students’ needs vary, and in this instance, equity is key to their success. Equity (e.g. a number of supports provided based on need) and equality (e.g. an equal amount of support provided regardless of need) are different; however, both promote fairness and are equally important in our schools and throughout society.    

For any school system or community to thrive, fairness is critical. For decades, educational institutions and organizations have worked to close both achievement and societal gaps.  We have come a long way; however, national data continues to reveal imbalances among individuals and groups.  While we work to address an inequity in one area, we can unintentionally create others.  It is important to point out that these imbalances are not just associated with race.  Whether it be gender, ethnicity, social class, language, learning classification, race, religion, etc., disparities do exist.  There are many laws and policies in place to ensure fairness, but no legislation can govern our conscience or eliminate personal biases that may exist within us.  For the betterment of this generation and generations to come, we need to search our souls to get to the heart of the matter. 

The best task force can be formed and the best professional development can be provided to address inequities, but the spirituality of equity lies deep within each of us.  Before we can reach a level of inclusive excellence, we must ask ourselves some tough questions regarding our spiritual intelligence.  For instance, do we treat each other fairly? Do we truly love our neighbor as ourselves? Do we profess neighborly love on days of worship, yet our actions show otherwise throughout the week?  Do we let revenge, jealousy and/or the fear of limited opportunities prevent us from loving our neighbor? Do we seek to understand why our neighbor may feel left behind?  Knowing and modeling what is right boils down to our spiritual intelligence, which is the mother of all intelligence.  Spiritual intelligence is not necessarily connected to religion only. It is the power to know what is right, the courage to stand for what is right, and the determination to model what is right no matter where we are or who we are with.

Each of us are unique and have different needs to reach the same level of success.  However, what connects us is that we were all born into this world, we all want to succeed, and we all deserve to be treated fairly. Every child is special and they should grow up remaining special. Who would not want the very best for every child?  Meeting each other’s needs will not weaken us individually, but rather strengthen us as a community.  An equity mindset, spiritual intelligence, collective reasoning, and a genuine commitment will most certainly guarantee community prosperity.

As we enter this holiday season and the hope that it brings, let’s renew our spirit by entering each other’s space with unconditional love, empathy, kindness and sensitivity.  For the betterment of our children, let’s self-reflect and hold each other accountable.  Let’s work to meet each other’s needs and be eager to celebrate each other’s successes.  Once and for all, let’s put an end to unjust bias, unfairness, isolation and/or persecution of any individual or group. Let’s continue to pray for one another.  There is enough in the garden for everyone! Can we all commit to a fresh start this new season and let God’s love abound?